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We are not an international introductory service or a marriage broker. This book is orientated for people going the Philippines to meet there fiancé for the first time. We can save you time, embarrassment and help you to avoid many problems. In this book you will find details on every thing from getting the paper work started for her visa to items you will need for a comfortable stay in the Philippines. Also listed in this book are cultural items that can help you identify scams and how to handle situations that may be a scam.

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If your time is worth anything this book will pay for itself. We have spent countless hours finding information and links to get her NSO birth certificate through the mail and the papers you will need to get while you are in the Philippines. We can guide you to the best ways to avoid problems in the Philippines. We are neither an international introduction service nor mail order bride service, dating service, mach site.  We just have good information about what to do before you go and after you get  to the Philippines.


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